7 Quick Tips About Wedding Linen Rentals

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Thursday, October 5

Renting is a great way of getting the look you need for your special day without breaking the bank. Savvy couples are finding ways to rent whatever they can, from the wedding décor to the wedding linens. But before you choose your wedding linen rental, read up on these quick tips that can help you land a great deal.

1. Get there early

Every wedding planner will tell you that waiting until the last month to choose and rent your wedding linens is a bad idea. Try and get this out of the way as early as possible, because that’s when you have plenty of time to look at your rental choices and discuss prices till you get the best option for you. Waiting until the end means you’ll have to go with the first (and not always the best) option, at a price that’s far more painful.

2. Check out more than one option

While it’s often tempting to go with the wedding linen rental store that everyone on Pinterest is raving about, it’s best to check out other alternatives as well. You may just hit the jackpot and discover a rental service that has better linens and better deals. So, it’s always best to look around before deciding on a particular option.

3. Get to know what the service includes

Before you assume that the responsibility of transporting the linens and arranging them is all yours, have a word with the rental agency about whether their offer includes other services. Most times, you’ll find that the stores that rent out wedding linens also take care of delivering and picking them up, and, in some cases, arranging them at the venue as well.

4. See the linens for yourself

With most rental companies having beautiful websites and social media, it’s easy to choose and confirm rental on linen you’ve never seen. And while this is tempting and time-saving, it’s advisable to check the wedding linens out for yourself, so you can inspect the quality and color firsthand. Again – make sure you have time to check out the linen for yourself!

5. There's always room for a bargain

Instead of always settling for the first price your wedding linen rental agency quotes, prod a little and ask if there’s room for negotiation. You’ll be surprised at how often there is, and you’ll be glad you decided to ask. Even in cases where the price is absolute, you could check with the service provider if they can throw in a couple of benefits like pickup and delivery.

6. Get them delivered a day or two early

Instead of having the linens delivered the night before your big day, ask your rental agency to drop your linens off a couple of days (or more) before the big day. This helps prevent last-minute disasters by giving you time to check if there’s enough linen for your venue, or if any of the table cloths are damaged. It also gives you enough time to have the décor done without worrying about it in the hours before the wedding!

7. Avoid unpleasant surprises

Hidden costs can be quite unpleasant to discover after the joy of a great wedding has passed. Unsuspecting customers often fail to consider items like ‘handling fees’ and ‘damage waivers’. To avoid this possibility, go over the contract carefully and check the price of the linens you pick, so you’re aware of all the costs involved.

The bottom line is that with a little bit of planning and work, you could find the wedding linen that fits your vision for your special day perfectly. Visit us here to see our linen rentals and for other party rentals visit our homepage.

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