Top 5 Tips for Renting Plates and Silverware for Your Wedding

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Friday, April 27

Are you looking for renting plates and silverware for your wedding? Well when you’re planning your wedding, the details come thick and fast, and making sure you have everything locked down can feel like an endless challenge. The most important thing to remember is this: the day is going to be worth it! But before you get there, we can help, with a few tips on one of the things you might find it easy to overlook: getting the right plates and silverware for your wedding. Here are a few of the things we’ve learned about this over the years.

Remember your style

The silverware and plates are the final touches which will make your venue feel the way you want it to feel for all of your guests. Whatever tone you want to strike for your wedding – informal, ornate, opulent – a good rental company will be able to provide the right silverware and plates to compliment the rest of your esthetic.

Consider going outside your venue

Rather than just taking what a venue has to offer, ask them if they have particular rental services which they recommend, and go and check out the styles they have. As well as getting a wider range of options, you’ll also be talking to people who are experts in this part of making a wedding perfect; they’ll have insight and advice which can help you to be clear about what you need, and help you to make the right decision for you.


If you’re having a simple meal for a few people, you can easily estimate numbers based on one knife, fork and spoon per person. If you’re serving multiple courses, you’ll need to think about what you’ll be serving, and make sure you have enough silverware that everyone gets enough. Remember to over-estimate by 5% or so – especially for glasses and plates – in case of spillages or drops in the kitchen or in the venue. And make sure you ask your venue and caterers (if you’re using them) about their washing services; if there’s no-one to wash glasses, be prepared with at least 3 glasses per guest so that no-one ends up without a glass to drink from!

Order in time

The run-up to your wedding will have a lot of deadlines and dates you’ll need to hit to make sure you can get what you want. With silverware and plates, you’ll want to make sure you’re contacting your rental company 4 months before the day, and locking in your choices 2-3 months out, so that they can make sure they have what you need, in the numbers you need, on the right day.

Ask your venue if you can bundle your order

You may not realize that, even if you do go with your venue’s own silverware and plates, they may be renting their supplies in themselves. A smart tip for booking your rental of plates and silverware from an independent company is to ask your venue if they’re putting in an order at the same time for any other events; most rental companies will charge a flat dropoff and pickup fee, and you could save by bundling your order with another order at the same location. Again if you are looking for help renting plates and silverware for your wedding check us out!

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