Different Types of Tents for Weddings

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Monday, October 2

Despite the many breathtaking banquet halls out there, outdoor weddings have a beautiful charm of their own. And if you’re planning to host your wedding program outdoors (or if you know someone who is) then you’ll agree that choosing a tent is one of the top things on the to-do list. This task gets easier if you have a fair understanding of the different kinds of tents available. Here’s a brief guide to help you get to know the various types of tents better.

The Pole Tent

This is perhaps the first kind you’ll be shown by any tent rental company. As its name indicates, this tent is held up by poles that need to be driven into the ground. Once it’s set up neatly, the tent looks stately and elegant, making it perfect for traditional ceremonies.

Pros: It’s easy to set up, economical to rent, and has open sides that leave the outdoors open to viewers.

Cons: The pole tent cannot be erected on hard surfaces such as concrete or marble.

The Frame Tent

This is another commonly available model. Supported by a predesigned frame that holds up the fabric, the frame tent is more adaptable than the pole tent. Also, since it doesn’t come with poles, the space under the tent is greater, making for a roomier venue.

Pros: This tent can be set up on just about any kind of surface, and the metal beams along the frame can serve as support for flowers or lights.

Cons: The frame tent is more complicated to set up, and can be more expensive.

The Clear Tent

With a twist of contemporary style, the clear tent is a great option for something different. As the name clearly indicates, this tent is supported by a frame and sports a clear, nearly-transparent vinyl surface above, making sure you get a clear view of the sunset and the stars.

Pros: This tent is ideal for weddings that are held in the evening or during the nighttime. Also, the clear surface offers you the feeling of being in a larger space.

Cons: Clear tents are quite expensive, and they aren’t the best choice for private and intimate ceremonies.

The Tropical Tent

If you’re having a beach wedding, then this could be the perfect tent for your venue. All you need to set up your tropical tents are some bamboo poles or wooden beams, and some light gossamer fabric to wrap around the framework. You could also set up multiple gazebos along the beach.

Pros: Easy to set up, these tents are open and unhindered, and allow you to enjoy the natural breeze. This also eliminates the need for air-conditioning.

Cons: Tropical tents are fragile and don’t offer protection from rough weather.

If you’re thinking of having a themed wedding, then perhaps you could consider erecting a carnival tent (with fabric striped in white and red), or a North African style tent (which is basically a pole tent that is decorated in gorgeous fabrics and frills instead of the usual vinyl). But the variety doesn’t end here; there are also yurts, which are growing increasingly popular, and sailcloth tents that take an interesting spin on the traditional pole tent, and sport a sailcloth roof instead of vinyl. The trick is to pick the tent that best matches your venue, your ceremony, and yourselves!

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